This Could be YOUR School Too!

Perhaps we pushed it a little far, but when the client briefing is "excite students about our school", what else could we have done? Omer Khalayleh, one of the international admissions officers at King's had no idea what was in store for him as we took him for a thrilling ride of explosions, golf carts, acrobatic stunts and horses. We won CASE Circle of Excellence's Gold Award for this video in 2016.

Client: King's Academy
Location: Madaba, Jordan
Date: April 2016
Category: Yield Video

Gold - CASE Circle of Excellence Awards

“I wrote this video assuming Omer would be willing to play his part. I hardly knew him at the time. When we pitched it, I vividly remember an unabashed grin slowly creeping across his face as he contained his excitement. I’m not sure he knew what lay in store. ”
— Rob, Director