About Us


We are a production house specialising in memorable and exciting videos that drive results.

While our offices are in Amsterdam and Barcelona, we find ourselves on the road most of the year. We hail from different parts of the world, have degrees in vastly different fields and are united in that making videos isn’t a ‘job’ for us, it’s our lifestyle and passion.

TFG_Lesi Portait_9265_Square.jpg

Producer, Editor & Creative Director

Alesi is the type of person who gets things done. Fast. She is resourceful, disciplined and keeps the rest of us on track. From juggling hundreds of schedules to ordering camels to campus to rappelling down a 110m waterfall, if we need it, she’ll make it happen.

Robert Bahou  Co-Founder / Director  Netherlands / Jordan

Cinematographer and Photographer

Robert is a rare blend of artist and doer. His imagination has no limits, he is passionate about his work, he is incredibly skilled technically in numerous fields, and he always maintains his ‘any problem can be solved attitude’. You will often find him playing guitar or piano when inspiration hits.

TFG_Tarik Portrait_1587_Square.jpg

Lead Editor, Postproduction Coordinator and Writer

Tarik is the pragmatist. He will find the most effective and most efficient route to any solution. He is the lead editor.of The Film Guys, which means his work is where the magic happens. A silent partner for the most part, you may not notice it, but his fingerprint is all over our work.

TFG_Janek Portrait.jpg

Producer, Writer and Postproduction Coordinator

Janek is what one thinks of when you think of a producer. Organised, big-picture focused and flexible. He is also a talented director with a keen creative eye, speaks six languages (or is it seven?) and has the voice of a newscaster.