The Footage Bank

We shoot a comprehensive archive of cinema grade 4K footage to use for years to come. 



Shots of student life, academics, athletics, arts, community service, residential life to smiling faces and campus details. 


A collection of beautiful cinematic aerial footage of the campus, athletics, student life and more.


Clean and professional visuals in classic or modern documentary style, crisp audio and two cameras on the subject at all times.


Reel in prospective students showing them what it’s like to be at your campus before actually being there.


How it works


The Footage Bank offers a collection of video material you will be able to repurpose across a variety of marketing needs as they evolve over time. Because it is shot in 4K, the footage has a shelf-life of +10 years.

We offer four possible options which can be a standalone production (two banks minimum) or in addition to a Signature or Series production package.