My Name is Suzanne Buck. 

New Head of school, so you're in luck 

We'll be putting joy first with everything we do here. 

Time to smile and laugh. It's a new year. 

I’ll be opening the doors up to my house called Pierce  

Keep a fridge stocked with sodas for my pioneers

Get in the zone put your feet up make the space your own

Welcome to Reserve your second home.

Go to the dining hall to grab a bite, we like our breakfasts right

I'm talking family style around the table. Oh. Just grabbing a bagel.

Taking classes like cancer immunology

It’s more much than your high school biology 

Making findings with real world applications

That moment you get cited in medical publications

Writing poems like Catellus five

Painting happy little trees - easy on the eyes

Headed to the WIC for a- deep dive

These’ll be the memories of our lives