King's Academy Inquiries / Applications after video release in 2016.

1. An Investment in Your Future

Virtually every school produces the same viewbooks, the same websites, and the same talking-head standard admissions videos. Schools do an excellent job of looking very much like one another. So much so that when prospective students and families have to decide which school is for them, they will choose the one that stands out. That’s what our videos will do for you, we will help you be different.

2. You Value Accountability

As opposed to filming a number of ‘talking heads’ and arbitrary shots around the school, we plan. Everything.

With a finalized script and production schedule, you are completely in the loop about what the final video will look like. This means no surprises on delivery day.

We saw a 30% increase in applications within two months of releasing our video.
— Western Reserve Academy

3. Memorable... or Forgettable?

Let’s face it, most admissions videos are forgettable, is yours?

Excitement and information go hand in hand uncompromisingly with our approach. We can get all your talking points across in a memorable way that the audience will retain. That is after all the most important point. If your talking head video says what you need it to say, but nobody remembers what is said, was anything really said at all?

4. No Hand-Holding

Your time is precious and we know that.

Once we have your approval on our script, we will be out of your way. We are self-sufficient and won't be bothering you with constant questions. You told us what you want, we understand it and will be back to you with a finished product.

5. Reach

Is anybody sharing your video? Is the message of your school reaching new audiences, or just your own?

We will make videos that proud students, faculty, parents and alumni (and perhaps press) will want to share, significantly expanding the organic reach of your marketing. After all, the greatest accomplishment an admissions video can have is to encourage a student who has no prior connection whatsoever to your school to apply.

6. Swiftness

Our process means that you will get your final video within two weeks of filming.

Because our method is accountable and planned, we film exactly what we need and we edit with conviction to realize the script. This makes for a very efficient and agile process.

Convinced yet?