1. Investment

We encourage you to stand out.

Schools do an excellent job of looking very much like one another through their view books, websites and talking-head videos. That’s what our videos do: we help you tell your story. We help you be you.

2. Accountability

We plan everything.

With an approved script, shot list and production schedule, you know exactly what the final video will look like. This means no surprises on delivery day.

3. Memorable

Our videos are remembered.

Fun and information go hand in hand uncompromisingly with our approach. We deliver your talking points in (different) ways that helps the audience remember what was said.

4. No Hand-Holding

We respect your time.

Once we have your approval on our script, we will be out of your way. We are self-sufficient and coordinating directly with the students/faculty needed for filming.

5. Expand Your Reach

We help you acquire new students.

We make videos that your entire past/present community (and perhaps press) will want to share, significantly expanding your organic reach. The greatest accomplishment an admissions video can have is exciting students, with no prior connection to your school, enough to apply. That’s what we do.

6. Efficiency

We deliver your final video within weeks of filming.

Because our method is accountable and planned, we film exactly what we need and we edit with conviction to realize the script. This makes for a very efficient and agile process.

We saw a 30% increase in applications over the previous year
— Western Reserve Academy

Convinced yet?