The goal for these videos is to drive enrollment and to excite prospective students and parents about your school. Our videos only need to attract one new student to become a wise investment on your part. More likely, the videos will attract many more than that over a sustained period of time.


All rates are negotiated on a per-project basis. We have produced projects for a wide variety of budgets. We always try our best to cater our proposals to the budget you have at your disposal. Therefore, we encourage you to reach out, you may be surprised by how accessible our services are. The significant factors in determining a rate are:

  • Scale of production (ranging from a simple, 60-second one-scene video to a full-blown musical)

  • Duration of production

  • Amount of deliverables (are we producing a series of videos that require individual concept development?)

  • Amount of sub-deliverables (social media versions of the primary deliverables)

  • Equipment required

  • Travel distance and duration

  • Hardship of the production (are the working conditions particularly challenging).


  • Postproduction Services (For existing material)

  • Concept development (can also be done remotely)

  • Video Production

  • Branding and Marketing Consulting


It’s amazing. We debuted the video at a reception last week and we didn’t know who was more excited, the prospective families or the current parents that couldn’t stop gushing over it all. at You couldn’t have done a better job capturing everything that is Lawrenceville.

- Christine Ding, Associate Director of Admissions,
The Lawrenceville School

I've never been more excited to share a product with our community. I believe even our toughest and most discerning critics will love this. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work!

-Rose Vardell, Associate Director of Communications & Marketing,
Western Reserve Academy