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Schools need videos, lots of them, but commissioning a film crew for each of these is just not feasible.

Traditionally, we would be hired to shoot one video, and after we leave schools go back to having little to no video presence. This is why we’ve designed our retainer program.

In short, schools now have the opportunity to pay a monthly, bi-yearly or yearly retainer to The Film Guys which can guarantee you the type of output you might expect from more regular employees without the overhead typically associated with that. The idea is that by establishing a longer term plan for videos for your school, you will be able enjoy the comfort of an in-house team, the quality of a professional production company and the price of an employee. With a retainer in place, you become a priority client and can get easier access to long and short term bookings for a reduced rate.


This way, you can get numerous videos per year. Some could be core admissions, and some could be auxiliary videos about programs or people you have always wanted to showcase.

For Example:
It could be a retainer to produce one signature video every year along with numerous auxiliary videos to serve other goals. A school could have a particularly interesting special education program, or a noteworthy study abroad program that wouldn’t normally be covered under the boundaries of a one-off video production. 

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