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Our videos are 100% original. No cookie-cutter concepts, no recycled ideas, no buzzwords.

They’re original because we’re telling your story. So what would a Film Guys video look like for your school?

If you’re considering working with us and would like to get a better idea about what that might mean for you, we encourage you reach out and request a proposal.

We will then discuss your project at one of our weekly brainstorming sessions, where our team of writers and creative consultants will come up with some ideas and concepts which we will return to you in the form of a proposal. If the inspiration hits particularly well, we might even send over a sample script.

Case Study: Lawrenceville

Brief: “A common thread is what a friendly and welcoming community we are without the sharp elbows. People visit campus and remark about that feeling. If we could encapsulate that in an overview video while highlighting House and Harkness, we’ll be well on our way”

We were contacted by The Lawrenceville School in fall of 2017, they were looking to do a video campaign the following academic year. Lawrenceville submitted the brief for the project that detailed what they wanted the video to accomplish and what they wanted it to say. The Film Guys team got together and came up with what we believed to be a winner of a script, along with a sample recording to give a more faithful impression of how we intend the video to feel. Here is what we sent them:

If you compare the script and recording to the final video, you can see that Lawrenceville had a good idea about what they were getting into before they hired us. This is what we can do for your school too. Sometimes it’ll be in the form of a script (if we’re able to come up with something based on our second hand research) and sometimes we’ll send over some sample ideas.

What we need from you are two things:


2. Objectives

What’s the purpose of the video? What do you want to see it accomplish.

1. Talking points

Be as detailed as possible. Tell us the points you want your video(s) to address, and points you want your audience to take away.

Please send us any documents and videos you deem relevant. The more we know about your school, the better we can pitch.

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