Our Process

Most schools have a disconnect. 

A disconnect between how they present themselves and who they really are. We don’t want people to get excited about your school only after their visit. We want that feeling to extend all the way to the first point of encounter with your school: your video.

That’s where we come in. We learn exactly what makes your school actually unique (hint: it’s not your community, diversity or rigorous academics). We take that often intangible feeling, and put it on video. We look for authenticity, for excitement, and for the points that will ultimately get prospective families looking at your school over the next.

If you choose to work with us, this is how it’ll go (This describes a typical two-week production.)

Before we even show up on campus we will have sent two-three approaches we can take the videos we will produce, to gauge where you stand. We write all of our videos, completely, so it’s good to know ahead of time what you imagine this project to become.

Day 1

We take the first days to speak to everybody we can. This means students, faculty, parents, alumni, administrators, even groundskeepers. We try to get a whole picture of what people love about your school and about its character. We try to determine the common messages and sentiments that we keep hearing and then prepare to translate that to the written word.

Day 3

We then go to the writing room, brainstorming with our local team and overseas team to come up with our idea, flesh it out, and present a first draft to you. We often do some brainstorming with students and faculty as well. Students tend to love being a part of the foundation of a creative project. This sense of ownership will really help in producing something that is authentic.

Day 5

We have a good, working draft at this point. You’ve approved our script and you know exactly what you’re getting. You know who will feature, what they’ll do and say, you know where it’ll be shot and you know exactly when it will be shot (we keep you in the loop). As far as you’re concerned, you can sit back and watch it happen, you can hold up the boom microphone, or anything in between.

Day 6-7

The weekend is when we start planning the shoot entirely. We communicate with students directly, keeping their schedules in mind. We plan a full list of shots that we go out to capture and prepare to spend the week filming.

Day 8-14

This is production time. We have our schedule already, we know when and where we’re capturing every shot and you have an up-to-date document where you can follow it all happening. We conclude our time on campus at the end of the filming period.

We then go to our studio to edit and send you a video sooner than you might expect.

Once the video(s) is delivered, you have two options: distribute it yourself or have us help with that. 

Implementation Strategy

If you choose to go this route, we’ll come up with a full social media marketing strategy that accounts for whatever budget you choose to put down. This strategy will detail exactly how to target certain zip codes, certain search terms, ‘lookalike’ profiles to the ones your current parents and students already have and so on. We will be doing lead generation to convert audiences into inquiries, campus visits and applications. If the function of your video is to attract new students and to bolster admissions, you don’t want to miss out on implementing the video this way.