It's Not a Competition

Building upon the somewhat over the top 2016 campaign, The Film Guys were contracted to take it a few steps further. We really, really went all out with that one. Motorbikes, a Camel, abseiling, a World Wonder, and a whole bunch of lions. This is the type of video where we challenge what it means to shoot with a small team. A production that would otherwise require dozens of hands was executed fluently by a compact team exercising a high degree of pragmatic creativity.

Client: King's Academy
Location: Madaba, Jordan
Date: August, 2018
Category: Yield Video, Promotional Campaign

We didn’t use any visual effects... except for multiplying the lions... and the floating watering can.
But that first scene was done 100% in camera. We filmed it backwards and had to figure out how to have Omer appear as though he was speaking forwards.
— Rob, Director