It's Good to be at King's

After the success of their exciting and outrageous 2016 yield video featuring the debut performance of Omer Khalayleh –better known as Omer the Admissions Guy–, King's Academy contracted us again to expand the Omer the Admissions Guy oeuvre into a five-part video series. The idea was to create a captivating and welcoming series of videos for potential students to explore as they considered King's. This collection has a nature documentary, a cinematic movie trailer, a man in a cave and a lot of lions. 

Client: King's Academy
Location: Jordan
Date: November 2016
Category: Admissions Videos, Private School, Boarding School, Series

“While Omer struts so effortlessly through this video series, it’s easy to forget that many scenes needed upwards for thirty takes for him to get a line right. It even took him fifty-five tries to sink a three-pointer backwards.”
— Tarik, co-writer