Here is a bit of a window into the equipment we like to use to achieve the production quality that you’ve grown accustomed to.

TFG_Red Epic X Dragon.png

Red Epic X Dragon 6K Cinema Camera

We shoot all of our videos on one of our two Red Epics. This is a cinematic workhorse. The same camera was used to shoot Gone Girl and The Social Network as well as shows like Homeland and Better Call Saul.

TFG_Movi Pro.png

Freefly Movi Pro Handheld Gimbal

The most advanced of all modern gimbals, the Freefly Movi Pro is a staple in our workflow, it keeps our shots dynamic, moving and smooth.

TFG_Sigma 18-35.png

Sigma 18-35 T/2 Cine Lens

This lens has been on our camera for pretty much every video you’ve seen us make. Reliable, beautiful and consistent, this is the piece of glass through which our audiences watch our videos.


Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Microphone

Everyone in the industry knows this microphone. This is the reason all of the audio we do is so clean. That and the fact that we do 99% of all of our audio after the fact. In other words, almost all audio you hear including speech, has been dubbed in a studio setting.

Movi Pro.gif