About Us


We are a small marketing consultancy and production company specialising in big videos. We have just the right amount of skill, talent, flexibility and efficiency to produce videos that should be way out of reach for a team of our size.

We have offices in Barcelona and Amsterdam but find ourselves on the road most of the year. We hail from different parts of the world, have degrees in vastly different fields and are united in the pursuit of fun, exciting videos.


Producer and Writer

(Written by Robert)
Alesi is the type of person that just gets stuff done. Fast. Whether juggling hundreds of high-functioning-boarding-school-students’ schedules at once, making sure nobody misses class yet everyone takes part, or thinking on her feet when rain starts pouring and we’ve just hung up four huge banners outside. It never ceases to amaze me how resourceful, how effective and how disciplined Alesi is, and on top of all that, she is probably the most like-able human being I’ve ever met.

If you write us or call us, chances are you’ll get Alesi on the line.

Robert Bahou  Co-Founder / Director  Netherlands / Jordan

Director, Editor and Songwriter

(Written by Alesi)
Rob is an artist in every sense of the word: his imagination has no limits, he is passionate about his work, and he has the vision to see it through. Often after hours of group brainstorming sessions, something will click all of the sudden and he sees the end goal and guides the rest of us to see it too. Rob is an incredibly resourceful person, you’d be hard pressed to find a better trouble-shooters than him.

While he is sought after for his creativity, imagination and camera skills, it is his flexibility and agile thinking that make him shine.


Writer, Editor and Compositor

(Written by Janek)
Tarik is the pragmatist. He will find the most effective and most efficient route to any solution. His sense of humour is deeply rooted in the 1980s wave of Zucker brothers, Mel Brooks-esque comedy. It is only appropriate that the writer of many of our projects also edits them, to turn a full circle around the productions. Tarik is based in our office and rarely joins in the field, but you can be sure that if there is something finding its way to the blank page or the silver screen, he will have a big part in it.

Janek .png

Producer, Writer and Director

(Written by Tarik)
Janek is what one thinks of when you think of a producer. Organised, big-picture focused and flexible. On top of his production work, he is a talented director with a keen creative eye. He speaks six languages (or is it seven?), has the voice of a newscaster, and is the only one of us who actually studied filmmaking at university. He is often the first to throw ideas on the table when we brainstorm, many of which are too ludicrous to make it through the fold, and many of which are golden. He is what we call a brainstorm champion.